A member of Japan Watercolor Federation
Representative of KS Artist Club

Theme:Eternal Energy
Everything in this world is made of tiny particles.
They each have their own energy and intention.
The energy is always circulating and changing them into what they should be.
I want to paint the beauty of eternal energy.

2014 Award of excellence at Japanese Today's Visual Arts Exhibition in Portugal
2015 Incentive award at Watercolor Federation Exhibition

Individual Exhibitions:
2008 Gallery Hasegawa in Ginza
2010 Gallery Kyoyasaka in Kyoto
2011 Gallery Hasegawa in Ginza
2012 Gallery Hasegawa in Ginza
2013 Gallery Live Art in Ehime, Ginza Gallery G2
2013 Dorado Museum at 3D virtual world "Second Life"
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2014 Dorado Museum at 3D virtual world "Second Life"
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2014 Gallery Hasegawa in Ginza
2015 The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo (ACT1)
2017 Bansuisou in Ehime
           Chuwa Gallery in Ginza
2018 Frederick Harris Gallery at Tokyo American Club in Azabu
           Sasaki Art Museum in Sendai

Exhibitions: 2011 Le Salon d'Automne in Paris
2012 Le Salon d'Automne in Paris
2014 Le Salon d'Automne in Paris
2015 Le Salon d'Automne in Paris
And accepted many other Exhibitions

Education:1993 Graduated from Dept.Oil Painting of Musashino Art University

Royal Park Hotel the Haneda
FANCL Medical corporation foundation Healthy Clinic in Ginza
Dogo Onsen Funaya Hotel in Matsuyama